What We Do

Our vertical integration ensures a seamless solar installation process – every time

With direct management over each aspect of our solar projects, we de-risk assets and meet every timeline.

At NARENCO, we believe in being accountable for all our actions.

That’s why we oversee every phase of each solar project from design through to operations and maintenance. As a result, we’re able to ensure our core values – safety, integrity, and quality – are present throughout the process.


We optimize the best possible layout to maximize returns for our investors and clients.

Our EPC team brings customized solutions for each site. We track emerging innovations, integrating the best new ideas and technology with proven design and engineering strategies


With careful up-front planning, we consistently deliver projects on time and on budget.

With over 800 MW of solar projects completed or under construction, our experience and expertise has led to developing a construction process that is optimized and efficient. In addition, our quality assurance and quality control teams strive to put project-specific safety plans into place. As a result, we have no recordable incidents in our history.


We provide highly customized services ensuring leading project uptime.

Through regular inspections, visual examinations, and component testing, we ensure all of the equipment is operating as it should. With both predictive and corrective maintenance, we engage with the site to ensure it’s always at peak performance.

With over 800 MW of projects completed or under construction to date, we have perfected our vertically integrated process to ensure smooth transitions at each stage of the solar installation process.

Partnering with us means your solar installation project will be completed on time, on budget, and to a level of quality unmatched by others.

We ensure a stress-free, smooth, and streamlined journey to renewable energy for you — our investors, clients, and landowners.