Jayme Orrock

Director of Operations & Maintenance

Jayme joined the NARENCO team in January 2024 as the Director of Operations and Maintenance. He brings renewable energy operations management, NERC compliance, transmission coordination and energy marketing experience. Jayme started his renewable energy career as a Data Analysis and Control Center Operator at First Wind Energy, where he provided remote monitoring, diagnostics and outage coordination for a fleet of wind farms across the United States. He has been working in renewable energy operations for the past fifteen years, the last nine years have been working at Xcel Energy as a Senior Operations Manager, managing eight utility scale wind farms throughout the midwest. Jayme was part of a team that expanded Xcel Energy’s renewable portfolio from three wind farms to 20 wind farms in nine years.

Jayme received his associate degree in business management from Colorado Technical University and is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of North Dakota.